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UNI Data Covid-19 Update

We sincerely hope that all of you have been keeping safe and healthy and aren’t suffering too much with all the Covid-19 life changes. We are fully staffed Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5:00. Our reception area is now Physical-Distance-friendly for our customers and staff. A Lexan barrier has been installed, along with a receiving shelf making pickups and drop-offs safe and easier for everyone.

Please wash your hands.
We’re still doing as much as we can remotely, only coming on site when the issue can’t be fixed any other way. We’re masked and gloved when doing so and are very happy to follow your “stop the spread” protocols.


Partnering with UNI Data Inc.

Good IT service comes through a partnership built on understanding and trust, our understanding that your system needs are specific and your trust that we know what we’re doing. With this, you and I can keep your data flowing and you and I can keep your business up and running. Having a strong partnership also means you and I can keep your costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality of service. Whether you have a small or medium size network you can benefit from our economical hourly rates. Whether you are a member of the legal, financial, insurance, accounting, health care, real estate, automobile dealer sector or running a home-based business, all can benefit from a strong partnership with UNI Data Inc.

Some of our products and services: