COVID19 Fall Update
October 15, 2020

COVID19 – 2021 Operational Plan

January 2021

These are the measures UNI Data Inc have in place:

Actively screening staff for symptoms of COVID-19
Sanitizer wipes, Spray 9, hand sanitizer pump and spray are provided in our reception area
A sign is posted on our entrance door indicated a mask is required to enter and we have a 1-person limit
Our main entrance door is to be locked at all times
A Lexan barrier has been put in place at our reception area
Contact surfaces are cleaned daily and done upon departure of all visitors
All staff members are instructed to wash or sanitize hands upon entry to our office
All staff members are instructed to wear face mask when customers or couriers enter our office
We are set up to work from home if required
All staff members are instructed to work from home when sick


Any client visits are limited to one person at a time in our vestibule
All visitors are required to wear facial masks and to sanitize their hands upon entry
Visitors are prevented from entering our common work area


Technical service support is done primarily via remote Internet access
If remote access cannot be accomplished, all staff members are required to wear a facial mask and follow all Public Health guidelines when performing onsite technical support
All delivered or picked up equipment is sanitized immediately upon entry and before any work is performed
Sales of new equipment is provided via pick up at our entrance or delivered following all Public Health guidelines

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